Testing, testing…one, two, three.

Is this mic’ on over here?!
Yep….it definitely was today. My Mom and I made our radio debut. Eeeek!

This week four excerpts of my blog were recorded and played on Annie Othen’s morning show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. They were all lovely. Annie is on holiday, so we sat in with Vic Minett. I was scared but it was nice to share my story and have some feedback, I even inspired someone to learn to drive, who hasn’t driven since being in a road traffic accident as a child as the fear had put her off.

You can hear the audioboo here:

The previous shows are also there and my recordings can be found at about 01:30:00 on the recordings of the show each day from this week.

BBC day 2

My thank-yous page and others will be updated soon. If there is anything you would like to know, or to read please email me at shelleyamybeth@gmail.com

“Shelley The Brave”

My art work from Tash and Drew, 2 dear friends and soon to be newly-weds!

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