Tea Helps Everything….So Does Morphine.

^ ^ ^ Have a read through my pages, tabs under header of page. ^ ^ ^

1. About Me & This Blog
2. The Day My Life Changed
3. Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Part 1)
4. Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Part 2) РComing soon

I’ll add more as time goes on. My website is currently under construction (which will be here to save confusion) and my arm and hand are currently under-going physio.

I set this up after months of saying “I will.” “I will tomorrow.” “I will one day.” I decided to stop saying and start doing.



How things change!


The moment I finally became happy with me.

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  • Amy Woodyatt

    Excited to read about bean on morphine! Lots of love xx

  • Gezabella

    Schhhhnelllllly…..1!! This is awesome, cant wait to read the Bean Chronicles :))))) xxx

  • Rachel Faulkner

    I am so proud of you.

    This is amazing!

  • Malcolm West

    Shelley is totes schmazeballs!

    This is the begining of a new episode of your future.

    All the best for this adventure

    Malcolm &Mom xxx

  • Malcolm West

    Hello Bean