So, how do you go about this blog stuff?

When I started The Morphine Chronicles…..I was well, umm, on Morphine. It was the day I came out of hospital and I was amazed with my recovery.

Along the way I’ve had some pretty big hurdles and have wanted to share, but in my mind it seems a bit bland to write about. However, I’m having the rods taken out of my neck in July (a week after my Birthday) and would like to start writing more now so that I have an outlet then.

Make sure you take a look at my ‘helpful things’ page if you are going through treatment yourself. My Occupational Therapists were so good, I’m now training to become one. It’s so strange going through the patient to training therapist process and it’s a real eye-opener. All I can say is, thank god for pain killers!

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