Just Another Day

The days kind of merge into one when you can’t go to work and you only leave the house for medical appointments.

I had a Nerve Conduction Study on the 2nd January, my hand is going to take some time to heal. By time, I mean months, lots of months.

At the time it was just another day, another appointment, another series of waiting rooms, another blunt receptionist….and then I heard “Nil”. The specialist’s pattern of information to the nurse, to note down, was similar to that of a dentist. Just random words and numbers….and then I heard “Nil”. My hand wasn’t responding as they’d hoped and how I had come to expect.

I’m still being positive, it would be silly not to be. The last couple of days are just a bit of a blip, for want of a better word. I miss so much, most of the time the gratitude out-weighs this feeling but at the moment it’s doing it’s best to shine through.

Nerve Study

Keep smiling, especially at a stranger…you might just make their day.

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  • shelleyamybeth.co.uk

    Thank-you Kirsten….you’re so so lovely!! This means alot….please do come and see me soon. Love you too. xxx

  • kirsten

    You have been so brave and you are my hero. Everyday when I think I cant I think of you then I can. Your accident and the way you have dealt with it inspire me every time. Love you Shellie Wellie. Xx