It’s slowly becoming real…

As I go to write another page, I stare at the screen for a few minutes and wonder why I just can not type. This week has been a good week, but exhausting and my sleeping pattern is all messed up….it all seems quite trivial in the grand scheme of things.

On Monday I saw Mr Furtado in the Neurosciences department, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (QEHB). I cannot thank him and the other surgeons enough. When looking at CT scans and x-rays of my neck, you can see the different nerves and my spinal cord, just how close everything is and I think this was the trigger I’d been waiting for. I know how lucky I am, I have written a lot now….sorry to be repetitive. I could have been severely paralised or dead. The top two vertebrates of my spine were fractured and have been ‘fixed’ back together. When I move, yawn or cough I can hear the ‘metal work’ (that’s actually what they call it in hospital). I can now remove my neck-brace!! It’s great news, another step forward. It does still go back on when I leave the house, especially if I go in a car. I can shower at last, instead of strip-washing or getting the padding drenched in a bath. I await specialist physio! eek.

On Tuesday (yesterday) I went to Mr Cooper’s clinic at QEHB to discuss my arm. The metal plate sticks out like a second elbow and there is a droning pain. I’ve reduced my Morphine fully now so that I can recognise the pain better and try to find suitable supplements and homeopathic remedies instead. This can’t be moved or removed until the bone shows signs of growth. My wrist is still broken, the pain takes my breath away occasionally but it’s nothing too intense.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Remember: Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.

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