There have been a whole selection of ‘things’ that have been helpful throughout my healing process.


When my hand had very little movement my younger sister brought me a Toy Story squidgy ball, I then acquired the orange squashy one and when physio started I was given the purple specialist ball. This was the start of the goodies from physio, the green putty was next, followed by the elastic bands and blue putty. The grey spongy tube can be used as a handle, this was handy for cutlery and other items to focus on the smaller movements in my left hand.


Vaseline, great for the healing of cuts, moisturising and to help with hair growth. Bio-Oil is good for helping with the healing of scars.


I was prescribed ScarSil, at the recommendation of my Occupational Therapist to heal the scars on my arm, right hand and scalp.


I thought it was a great idea to pluck my eyebrows as a teenager and they have never grown back fully. So, while I am healing my older sister bought me some RapidBrow. It is AMAZING…my eyebrows have grown back fully, to the point that they can be threaded and re-shaped. They also make RapidLash, so if Vaseline doesn’t help enough….go and get some of this!


As my hair started to grow back, it has become itchy, especially around the scars. I have also gotten dandruff, which I barely had before, so I think this is down to not washing my hair fully and strip-washing daily. My Mom found these baby hair brushes in Boots, the comb is great for scratching your scalp and the brush is great to promote hair-growth and brush shorter hair.


My perching stool. This was delivered after my Occupational Therapist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital contacted the local support team and advised that I may need help leaning and bending from my waist as I could not bend my neck. This was really good when I was brushing my teeth.


Mowbray¬†and stool. A stool comes in handy for everything and without being too crude, raising your feet can help you umm….go to the toilet! Never heard of a SquattyPotty?


This ‘helping hand’ even has a magnet on the grabby bit! It was helpful for helping me pull up items of clothing and pick up things I dropped.

As time has gone on (it’s now a few weeks later), I have found a number of things useful. The latest has been Loom Bands.


They have been great in stretching my fingers to full capacity and strengthening the muscles in my hand. They may be a craze for children….but who says they can have all the fun!