Hand Physio & Occupational Therapy

Today was full of appointments….and the first one of the day, with my Occupational Therapist, Abi Kanwar will be one I remember.

My Mom dropped me off at Warwick hospital and I walked down the corridor towards the physiotherapy department. I was called down to Abi’s “station” and started telling her how I’d been consciously using my left hand more. I’ve worried lately as I have been dropping things, so now I focus on lifting something and where I’m putting it down. For example, a jar of tea-bags or a bottle of shower gel.

Anyway…the conversation went on. Abi got out the contraptions to measure my grip and pinch strengths and the supination and pronation of my forearm.

My left hand moves better than my right (and I’m right handed) and now the movement of my left arm is similar to that of my right. Abi was impressed, I don’t think either of us saw this day coming as soon as it has….but I’m potentially discharged!!

I say potentially because there is still a break in my arm, that may need ultra-sound treatment and the metal work may need moving or removing in time. At that point, Abi gets to be annoyed by me again…but for now, my hand is better than ever expected.


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