Good news vs. Bad news

Today I managed to put on a bra with hooks, without having to do it up at the front and turn it round. Now, this may not seem like a big thing but it means that my arm is now able to bend more than it could before. Great news in my eyes!

The bad news is that the physio on my neck isn’t for over another month. There is a lot riding on that. When can I go back to the gym? When can I go swimming? When can I start phased return to work? When can I travel or fly? Then, I realise…I’m in a good position. I’m healthy and all these things are a possibility in time.

It’ll all take time.

It has been 20 weeks since my accident, to the day. I surprise myself at how far I’ve come.


Have a nice day….and go do something good. Surprise yourself or someone else! x

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