Thank-you, thank-YOU, THANK-YOU!

My family and extended family (Alexanders, Courtmans, Donaldsons, Faulkners, Fletchers’, Frekes, McGeough, Reynolds’, Wests, Wiles’) thank-you for all of your support and helping me so much both for the fundraiser and generally. You mean the world to me.

My friends; my guides, shoulders to cry on, my chosen few. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for me and for the support that you showed throughout the fundraiser.
Stratford-upon-Avon Picture House. Thank-you for allowing me to use your bar for the whole day, and in particular to James for being such a great host.

Craig Lippett, your designs are always great but you went above and beyond providing me with a poster and ticket design that completed the event, making it so professional.

Al Powell, everyone loved your quiz! The room was packed, you were a great master and it was so kind of you to donate your time.

The musicians (Beth, Chris and Ian), thank-you for giving your time and talent, such a great end to the day.

Contacts from the Midlands Air Ambulance, QEHB, Alexandra, Warwick Hospital and Midlands emergency services, thank-you for your continued communication and support.

Everyone that donated. This includes, time, prizes, cakes, sweets, creativity, energy and money. The generosity was overwhelming and I am proud to say….



which means
£1352.59 EACH
(for the Midlands Air Ambulance and Queen Elizabeth  Birmingham Charities)

A full list of donations etc to follow (once I get my exam out of the way tomorrow).