I’m Shelley. I’m twenty seven. I have brown hair and hazel eyes (with sunflowers in them).

This may appear like a dating website submission but it is quite the opposite. My hair may be brown but it is short, very short, grade 2 short. I may be twenty seven but I’m living back at my Mom and Step-Dad’s and required the purchase of ‘pull-on’ bras to be able to wash and dress alone. Oh and, this blog is currently all being written with my right hand and regular ‘rest’ breaks.

I was always going to start a blog, I just wasn’t sure what about, to attach to a website where I could advertise the craft items that I make. This was never done.

The day I returned from hospital I bought my domain name. That was the day my new life started and I realised that I’ve been given a ‘second chance’, a life that I’m very lucky to have.


So, yes, I may be sat here typing with only the use of one hand (while my left hand under-goes physio to sort itself out), but why see the negatives when there are so many positives. This is a blog to help me, my family and my friends come to terms with what has happened and to provide support and motivation to anyone who stumbles across it.

Shelley, 27, good sense of humour and looking for love.