A new ‘normality’

As the days pass, I get gradually stronger physically. Hopefully mental strength will follow! Soon it’ll be time to discuss my return to work plans and setting my alarm every day.

I’ve gotten used to having a cat follow me round, making cups of tea whenever I fancy them and having random naps or lying down to rest my neck throughout the day. I’m still having appointments, albeit not as regular as when I first came out of hospital but physio takes a lot of energy. As I’m getting stronger, I still feel a weakness, the strength I once had and don’t have now. A family friend told me to stop comparing myself to me ‘before the accident’ and no doubt this will sink in soon.

It’s hard to get used to a new ‘normality’ as it’s different to your previous ‘normal’. But it’ll come. As in fact, you are envying a different version of you and really we should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves.


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