4 years on

Today marks 4 years since I began a road to recovery. At about this time on Friday 15th November 2013 I was being transferred from the trauma ward to critical care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. I continue to thank all of the emergency service and hospital staff for saving my life, for putting me back together and for providing me with the foundations for a new career.

Today’s date will always be my ‘survival day’, but it also falls 2 days after the anniversary of losing a best friend in a road traffic incident, which means it is both happy and sad. I also lost a very dear friend on the 2nd November 2017, he would’ve called me today and it’s strange not hearing from him. Today has tested me.

I am now a practicing Occupational Therapist, inspired by the therapy that I received for my left arm. I discharged a wonderful lady today, she had progressed so well and remained so positive, I’m sure her enthusiasm and smile powered me on through the day. I really should write more of a blog, and am wondering as to whether to write about my days as a therapist.

My Mom sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers and my sister made a lovely dinner, while I spent time with my nieces. So, while I sit here with a cup of hot lemon and honey, keeping my fingers crossed I can manage the rest of the week, I remind myself that I am truly blessed, and grateful.

I urge everyone, please, drive safely at all times and especially as the weather is getting colder and ice is beginning to appear. Your life is important.


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